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Break the shackles of Materialism...

... and Be Empathetic to realize the Power of Giving!

I must admit, I am grateful to one dear friend of mine from Venezuela who inspired me to volunteer at a nonprofit in downtown San Francisco. It was a perfect self-realization of the power I have, the one I own, infact we all have and own it. The Power of Giving. The power of giving happiness, respect, love, care and help, and it multiplies when backed up with a sense of empathy. I had a great experience and learning by helping and contributing through my efforts at Project Open Hand (POH), a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 that provide meals with love to seniors and the critically ill. POH prepare 2,500 nutritious meals and provide 200 bags of healthy groceries to those who are suffering with serious illnesses, isolation, or the health challenges of old age.

The feeling of contentment a person could experience by giving as simple as a good healthy meal through his / her earnest efforts and time to those who are deprived, is something second to none. I must say, we as professionals are so much swamped by the competition and the materialistic gains and benefits, we forget the businesses we represent are infact the part of the society we dwell in. Break these shackles of materialism around you, be empathetic and extend your helping and caring hand to those who are in need. Investing your time and efforts in giving and making someone happy will indeed bring smile on your face and will fill you up with contentment. This simple and humble act of giving my time and efforts to prepare a meal for those who are ill and under privileged taught me that no matter how busy you are, no matter how tough you think your job is, no matter how disturbed you think your life is, there is always someone somewhere fighting the battle you have never fought and thought of, and facing the challenges which are far greater and tougher than yours. After all, One single act of random kindness at a time can change the world.

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