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Masters of science in Information Technology Management

​Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

Anticipated Graduation: December 2015


GPA: 3.95/4.00


MS - IT Management is a comprehensive graduate degree program that trains the students to learn and understand the nitty gritty's about the management of Information Technology.
The program meets the need of the modern management-level technology professionals that are required and responsible for the planning, budgeting, design, integration and deployment of strategic enterprise technologies and programs that in turn contribute to the business organization's success.

The MS - IT Management curriculum is grounded in the four foundational components of Information Technology: 1) Software, 2) Infrastructure, 3) Network/communications, and 4) Data. The program addresses these foundations from both a contemporary and forward-looking perspective.




Bachelors of Management Studies (Marketing & Econometrics)

​S.K.Somaiya College, Mumbai University.


Graduated: June 2006


GPA: 3.60/4.00


Bachelors of Managment studies is a 3 year degree program offered by Mumbai University to cater the growing demand for professionally qualified management executives.

This undergraduate business management program equip student to understand how organizations work, how they are managed and how they interact with the local, national and international enviornments.


Implementing and Measuring the effectiveness of Enterprise Architecture

The paper highlights the information pertaining to Enterprise Architecture. It helps the reader understand what is Enterprise Architecture? Why it is important? How a company can implement and adopt Enterprise Architecture methodologies and benefit from it.
Lastly the paper also intends to put-forth various performance metrics that the company / team of architects should consider in measuring the effectiveness of their IT transformational efforts to achieve the business strategy. The paper shall prove to be a good reference / guidance in future for an emerging Enterprise Architect or an IT Management Professional to understand the concept and put it in motion at the workplace. The work of this paper is inspired by various known and reliable databases, articles and research from prominent industry professionals.
As it is a substantial fact that Enterprise Architecture is a vital concept for an organization irrespective of its size, it can be assumed that, this paper can serve as a blueprint for future research and analysis of the various aspects of Enterprise Architecture. 

Geo-thermal Data Centers - A sustainability practice for data centers

Presentation on sustainability practice for Data Centers.

Geo-thermal is one of the renewable sources of energy that can very well be used to effectively power and/or cool the data centers worldwide. 

This presentation is an overview about how a geo-thermal energy can be accessed and/or utilized, it's potential across the United States, and lastly this research also highlights some of the successful geo-thermal data center projects and the benefits of using geo-thermal energy.

Exploiting Cloud resiliency and effeciency without compromising on Information Technology Security.

The businesses in today’s competitive world are continuously striving to achieve the excellence by leveraging the new technological development. Cloud Computing is one of the approach that most of the organizations whether big or small are adopting these days in order to reduce their IT cost. This paper talks in details about the Cloud computing and the approach that an enterprise shall take in order to deploy the cloud across its IT landscape without compromising on the IT security. The paper identifies various risks that an organization should first proactively identify before making a move to the cloud. It also lists down the various security measures that needs to be taken in order to secure the applications, data and other computing resources deployed on the cloud. Finally, this research paper states various attributes that an IT leader must consider in order to define the TCO (Total cost of ownership) of the cloud deployment model, so as to win the confidence of the top management to go ahead with the cloud implementation. 

Crude Oil price analysis using the Regression Model

Analyzed how the crude oil prices are influenced by studying the correlation of the prices with: the Dow Jones Industrial Index (stock market), the international value of US dollar (USDX), the World production of Crude oil and the World consumption of Crude oil.


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